Paris at Night by (- M7D)

Untitled by L.A. rue
"It’s like you meet these people and they mean so much to you and you just expect so much more from them than from anyone else. And then they let you down.”


Late Summer Skies 1 by (Martyn)

Exploring the streets of Manhattan during sunset. ~ New York. This is far too fun to do alone. Upload a picture of yourself jumping somewhere you love and tag it #worldjump. In 4 weeks I’ll post our favourites on the blog on Try and keep the jump as similar as possible to this one. Show me a place your passionate about!

Happy 32nd Birthday Sophia Bush! Not only is she totally gorgeous and incredibly talented, but she uses the fact that she is in the media to advocate animal rights and equality rights and human rights and countless other issues that seriously need to be addressed. She’s basically just an all around incredible human being and my favourite actress ever.